Airline Uniforms

If you think it is uncomfortable when you are in a seat belt flying high about 35, 000 ft., spare a thought for the flight participants in uniform. While male members in general cabin crew dressed in costume, costumes worn by female colleagues can be close-fitting, insufficient and, rough creations that opposing the rigidity of a bridesmaid. Not all of the women Airline uniforms are sames the rules vary from airline aircraft, some are train in their costumes while in an emergency, which can perform its functions while wearing their skirts and high heels. But uniforms are not resistant to this drawback. Skirts that are too short for Vivienne West wood designed the Airline uniforms allege his bleeding neck; the crew encountered all kinds of problems.

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Virgin Atlantic and British Airways have teamed up with leading designers, but they were not exempt from staff complaints. Cabin crew protested when told to do not already; you can opt for trousers rather than skirts. Carolyn Paddock, a former commercial airline wizard still flying for an isolated client, said that in the world of cabin crew are generally satisfied uniform standard today. Insider movement called “quality fabric for Airline uniforms has improved considerably in current years. They are lighter and extensible. Strong Airline uniforms look is very important for the flight with all Flex and participants get what they do.
The Tokyo-based company caused a stir when he heard the tiny miniskirts worn by their hostess for a six-month trial in 2014. Royal blue uniform was criticized by the Japan Federation of participants of the cabin, which says that the daring outfit is not suitable for the work of cabin crew. Sky mark denied all the allegations about the women that they are treating women as objects to try to increase ticket sales and said that the uniform would not be detrimental to board flight safely.
Paddock said standard uniform of today – with skirts, skirts that are closer, knee – there are generally no restrictions when responding to an emergency situation. But the heel can be a problem if an airplane must be thoughtlessly evacuated. She said that this could be the biggest chaos are the shoes hostess wear heels. I always made sure that I changed my story and my heels after landing exactly why. Not only unstable heels in an emergency, but if the slide is displayed to the evacuation of a heel could pierce easily slide or raft. Cabin crew within the German company from Munich to Beijing, Sao Paulo and Mexico City routes – travel, when there is 13 hours.Women wear yellow and blue flowers printed blouse, a blue skirt and white stripes and a blue silk apron and male dressed in leather pants, combined with an alpine ski jacket and suit and tie.